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Fordwrite has provided, to both New Zealand and overseas clients, a wide array of writing, research and consultancy services since 2001. Specifically, we focus on providing high quality print and online content. Recently, we have moved into providing social media content as well. We can provide businesses, organisations and individuals with a variety of communication and consultancy services.

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The beginner's guide to writing opinion pieces

I, as many regular readers may know, engage in writing opinion pieces every now and then. Most recently, I have had many pieces accepted for publication on the Newsroom website. In this blog, I want t...

The reasonable limits of free speech

In recent days, there has been much media discussion about the so-called 'Free Speech Coalition' and their impending legal action against the Auckland City Council for barring far-right activists Laur...

Easter break 2018

Easter is almost upon us!Fordwrite is taking the opportunity to have a bit of a breather during this period.That's why Fordwrite will be closed between close of business on Thursday, March 29 and reop...