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Chris Ford and Fordwrite - writing opinion pieces

During the last year or so, I've written some opinion pieces for one of New Zealand's newest online websites, Newsroom.

So far, I've written commentary on a range of political and disability issues. This includes material on some of the most contentious and vexed issues of the day and this includes voluntary euthanasia.

Currently, Parliament is considering David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill. Recently, I wrote a personal opinion piece on the legislation for Newsroom outlining my nuanced support for the legislation. I argued that the Bill (as currently drafted) doesn't afford many protections and was too broad. For these reasons, I outlined how the Bill poses a particular risk to disabled people but could be less risky if additional protections are put in place.

You can read my opinion piece here:

So, if you're a news website or media outlet looking for a left-leaning, socially progressive commentator, then look no further than Chris Ford at Fordwrite.