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First freelance article for a while has been published on the Newsroom website

I've had my first article published in a while on the Newsroom website today.

It brings together two of my great loves - disability issues and freelance writing!

If you visit my portfolio page, however, you can see a list of articles stemming back well over a decade. I've written for a wide variety of publications on a range of issues ranging from politics through to real estate. 

After all, I pride myself on an ability to write about (almost) everything and anything. Having said that my main writing interests include politics, current affairs, the economy, disability issues and social issues. 

That's why I welcome contact from any publications (either print or online) who wish to commission pieces from me. I also like to tout my services to prospective publisher clients too so, if you're reading this after being referred to my website, then I would encourage you to head over to the publications portfolio section.

So, enjoy reading this article and contact me if Fordwrite can help produce a great article or opinion piece for your publication!