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Fordwrite Business Partnerships

As part of Fordwrite’s re-launch, I’d like to announce the first business partnership I’ve forged.

This partnership is with Disability Responsiveness New Zealand (DRNZ) run by the wonderful Pam MacNeill in Upper Hutt.

DRNZ specialises in disability responsiveness training and education for all which goes beyond just disability awareness by delving into how to improve systems and services so that disabled people from all impairment groups can access them. This can be achieved, for example, by delivering disability responsiveness training and education to the staff and management of a retail store so they can improve the customer service experience of disabled people who come into their premises or purchase online.

Besides, one of DRNZ’s other key areas of interest is in building the capability and capacity of disabled people. Down the years, Pam has, for example, been contracted by organisations to deliver one-on-one mentoring to aspiring disabled people who have been identified as future leaders.

After all, Pam knows all about leadership and disability as she comes to DRNZ with many years of lived experience as a blind person and plenty of public sector management experience. Fordwrite has had the pleasure of working with Pam in the past to deliver the UN Convention Monitoring Report on Media Attitudes (see home page) in 2013.

Fordwrite is looking forward to working with DRNZ on disability related training, responsiveness and consultancy issues going forward. After all, I’m a believer that business shouldn’t just be about competition but also collaboration from time-to-time too. That way, businesses can deliver services utilising the complimentary skills and knowledge that people have, and if brought together, can deliver great results.

After all, as the old saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one.’

And with the Fordwrite-DRNZ partnership (and others to come), that’s going to be the case.

You can contact Pam via for more information or give her a call on 027 4575 461.