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The art of video captioning on You Tube

Recently, I've been doing some work for a client on captioning their You Tube videos.

This is a fairly new thing for me to do. I had never done anything like this before prior to taking on the job for the client. 

However, all it took me to learn how to do video captioning was to just use the skills I have already acquired as a transcriber of audio files. 

According to the client, Jade Farrar of Epic Studios in Auckland, I'm doing a great job!

After all, captioning is really important if you want to communicate with the widest number of audiences who might want to view your You Tube video or other visual content.

By captioning, you reach audiences such as, for example, Deaf and hearing impaired people who are best able to access online visual content this way.

Besides, many people (for whatever reason) like to view videos without the sound on by following the captions on their own, or even simultaneously with the sound on.

Whatever the reason, it's good to have captions on You Tube videos. 

I have also had the opportunity to do a completely random survey of You Tube videos recently (particularly those posted by businesses and community organisations). I found by doing this that while many videos have captioning, others don't.

So, don't be caught out through not having captions on your video content! Get in contact with me at Fordwrite to find out how you or your business/organisation can benefit from having your video content captioned - and all at reasonable, affordable rates.

Meanwhile, if you want to see the results of my captioning work, go to this link at 'The Jade Farrar Show' You Tube channel: Jade will love you for it too!