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The importance of minute taking and our minute taking service

I have acted as a minute taker on many committees over the last two decades.

During this time, I have perfected the craft of minute taking. I realise that being a secretary is not everyone's cup of tea - but it is mine.

I say this because the role of a secretary, particularly in a not-for-profit organisation, is important. They act as the conduit through which information is received by the organisation in the form of correspondence. They help set the agenda alongside the chairperson. Most importantly of all, though, a secretary acts as the minute taker at all meetings conducted by an organisation.

Overall, minute taking is one of the most crucial roles that a secretary has. Good, concise, well summarised minutes serve as an important legal record, so that committee members and any staff involved know what actions need to be taken, and by when. It's important to remember too that minutes are always scoured over by auditors when undertaking financial reviews and that's why all monetary transactions need to be clearly minuted.

For all these reasons, that's why a good minute taker is indispensable to any organisation. However, finding good note takers can sometimes be difficult. And that's why some voluntary organisations have to pay for them through offering honorariums and other forms of payment.

So, if your organisation or company is in that boat and can pay, then Fordwrite's here to help!

As I said above, I have extensive note taking/minute taking experience. I have received high praise from people too for my minute taking skills down the years. This is the case as people have often commented that I take good quality, concise, detailed notes.

Obviously, I require payment for any minute taking services. Don't worry, though, as Fordwrite charges a very affordable hourly rate, particularly where not-for-profits are concerned. If funding is an issue, I can recommend where to go for this.

Fordwrite offers the same minute taking services to private companies and government entities as well who, even though they may have paid employees who provide this, there maybe times when outside help is needed. This can be when, for example, a usual minute taker is sick or on leave. That's why I am available (at reasonably short notice) to do these types of jobs - and at affordable rates too.

Furthermore, I offer this service anywhere within New Zealand as I can do so remotely provided there is some form of good quality Skype, Zoom or other connection available.

In any case, if I can be of assistance with your minute taking needs, then contact Fordwrite.