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The new academic year - services for students and academics

I thought that with the new academic year about to get underway across New Zealand, I thought it was timely to re-publish this blog from last year:

One of the services I offer here at Fordwrite is academic research support.

I have extensive research experience given my two postgraduate degrees from the University of Otago: they are a Postgraduate Diploma of Arts (Dip Arts) with Distinction and Master of Arts (MA) with Credit.

I am very keen to put these qualifications to work for you, particularly if you are an academic who requires research assistance. This research assistance can involve, for example, assisting with the development of literature reviews or undertaking background research. I can also perform oral interviews with subjects and/or even transcribe them. Besides, I can conduct phone or web-based interviews for research projects.

In fact, I have had extensive experience in carrying out all of the above over the years in both undertaking my own research and for other researchers as well.

In doing so, I have always adhered to the highest standards of professionalism and academic conduct (including the need to respect confidentiality) at all times.

For students, Fordwrite offers editing and proofreading services for both assignments and draft theses. When undertaking any work of this nature, I always adhere to the relevant guidelines for proofreaders that the student's institution has.

Moreover, I undertake to provide these services at a reasonable cost to any academic or institution that requires them.

To this end, Fordwrite welcomes enquiries from any student or academic staff member from anywhere in New Zealand or overseas about these services.